Long term property rental

Are you looking for a rental property?

We still have a few apartments available. The rental is only for long term from 3 months

The apartments have a minimal living area of 7.5 x 13 m, comprised of a porch, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen. All apartments are provided with 220v electrical outlets.

Large opening doors separating the living room and porch area allow for the option to have open acces to the outdoors from within the apartment. Opening of the doors creates an excellent breezeway for trade winds to freshen the living environment inside. During the night or when the house is unoccupied, these doors can be shut for security reasons or unfavorable weather.

The living room is provided with connections for cable TV, audio, internet and telephone.

The spacious porch serves as a lovely and breezy extension of the living room. Second floor apartments have views on the Tafelberg (mountain) and Spanish Water.

The modern European kitchen is linked to the porch via opening kitchen windows. The convenient access between kitchen and porch creates a social dining atmosphere. The kitchen is furnished with several cabinets, an inset stainless steel sink, a gas stove, and a microwave. The counter is made from natural stones. Apartment block 4 till 11 are also equipped with a dishwasher and a electrical oven. The kitchen has hot water.

The master bedroom with adjoining bathroom is located at the rear of the apartment. A walk-in closet in the master bedroom is optional.The secondary bedroom can serve as a addional bedroom, guestroom, or be used for other purposes such as office space.

Each apartment has two bathrooms. Bathroom 1 is adjoined to the master bedroom while bathroom 2 is centrally located within the apartment for easy accessibility.  Both bathrooms are spacious and tiled to keep a cool and clean atmosphere. They are comprised of a shower (hot water), toilet, sink, and optional mechanical ventilation. Bathroom 2 is provided with connections for a washing machine.

At the resort of Cocolora Apartments there is a communal swimming pool.

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