Sale pricing

Standard 2 bedroom apartment prices start at ANG 490.000 k.k. including garage. Sizes starts from 123 m² including porch and garage/storage. Date of acceptance is negotiable. Please feel free to contact us for more information on available apartments.

Have your eye on an apartment but need some more time to think it over? We can help.

If you have your eye on a particular apartment but are not ready to make a decision yet, we can hold that apartment for you for a period of two weeks, after which it will be becomes publicly available again to other prospective buyers.

Once a decision has been made to purchase property at Cocolora, a sale agreement will be composed based on the terms negotiated with the buyer. These consist (but are not limited to) of the final price and the transfer date of the property. A period of up to four weeks can be granted to the buyer to make financial arrangements before payment is made.

If your mortgage is unexpectedly declined by the bank or you are unable to gather the necessary finances to complete the purchase, the sale agreement will be nullified without penalty and the buyer is no longer obliged to purchase the apartment.



After the agreed upon period to allow for the buyer to organize his/her finances has passed, 10% of the total purchase amount is due for deposit into the account of your chosen notary.

This deposit will be settled with the total purchase by the notary, unless the contract is terminated due to declined finances.


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Return on Investment

Invest in Curacao in rented property! This is possible at Cocolora Apartments.

  • Guaranteed return of 4%, including all costs
  • Payments per quarter
  • No worries or work for you
  • Professional, solid management takes care of all matters such as rental, collection, maintenance etc.
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